TERMITE TREATMENT - Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle


Termites can be totally devastating to your premises. At Coastwide Pest Control, we can stop them in their tracks and prevent them from returning using our specialised long term solutions.

Firstly, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine whether termites are present. If so, our professional technicians will chat to you to determine the right method to eliminate these harmful pests and what areas need to be targeted.

Once your home or business is treated for termites, we will carry out a full inspection once a year to keep on top of the protection to your property.

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There are around 360 species of termites in Australia. The termites that cause damage to Australian homes are the subterranean termites.


King and queen termites can live for over 25 years.

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Signs of termites include head banging of termites (clicking sounds coming from walls), flying termites, papery & hollow sounding timber.


Why is it important to have a termite inspection?

Termites pose a real threat to both new and existing homes and buildings. These silent invaders often go undetected until severe damage is done. Our team will do a thorough termite inspection and treatment to ensure we eradicate the termites. 

How often should I get a termite inspction?

Coastwide Pest Control recommend that a full termite inspection is carried out al all properties at least once a year. 

Why do I need to get my home inspected for termites every year?

A termite inspection is recommended at least once a year because if termites are found in this 12 month period the damage is generally manageable. For properties that have had an initial assessment and deemed high risk, the inspections should be more frequent.

Do I need an annual inspection if I have already had my property treated for termites?

There is no 100% guarantee that termites will not return after treatments. This is why it is essential that your property is inspected at least once a year. 


We will inspect your property for any signs of termite activity. Once we have determined you have termites we will have you sign a termite agreement  to ensure you understand the process involved.


We will then proceed to carry out a comprehensive termite inspection that allows us to collate all detectable areas of termite activity, evaluate the level of damage, determine entry points and record any issues that may have led to your property getting termites in the first place.


After we have established all termite activity we start the treatment phase. There is a range of products we can use here and we decide what is the best based on our assessment of the situation. Elimination of termites can take between a couple of weeks and a couple of months depending on species & scale on infestiation.


Once we have treated the termite infestation we install a management system around your property to prevent future termite attacks. We also recommend regular termite inspections (once a year) to maintain the warranty on the termite management system.