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We understand that cockroaches are a household nuisance so let the Coastwide Pest Control team help get rid of these unwanted guests with our exceptional cockroach treatment.

We have extensive knowledge of various types of cockroaches and also the correct treatment to use to keep these nasty infestations at bay so your home or business can remain worry and cockroach-free.

Cockroaches are almost indestructible and you will never get rid of infestations without a team of professional pest control experts.

Generally, a 12-month spray is advised but depending on the severity of the infestation, a 6-month top-up may be recommended. Our technicians will inform you on the day of the course of treatment. Our cockroach solutions will provide your property with protection all year round. These solutions are effective if regular yearly treatments are done.

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There are many species of cockroach but the most common cockroaches found in Australia include the German, American and Australian cockroaches.

Cockroach Treatment


Cockroaches can lay anywhere between 18-50 eggs, which means they can quickly multiply and cause more havoc. Coastwide Pest Control will treat your roach problems.

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Signs that you have a cockroach infestation around your property includes droppings, egg capsules, smear marks, shed skin & an unusual odour.


What is the difference between Australian, German & American cockroaches?

The Australian cockroaches are medium-sized dark brown to black in colour with a yellow ring around their head. The German cockroaches are smaller, thinner and brown. American cockroaches are large and black.

How do I minimise the the risk of cockroach infestations?

To minimise the chance of infestations it is important to keep all areas of your property clean and tidy. Don't leave food scraps lying around and use airtight containers for storage. Make sure all benches and bins are cleaned daily and ensure sanitation is always a priority. 

Are cockroaches bad for your health?

German Cockroaches in particular can be harmful to family members as they can cause triggers of asthma and eczema. They can transmit various diseases, such as E Coli, Salmonella & Parasitic worms, diarrhea and food poisoning.


How do Coastwide Pest Control go about the treatment process to eradicate cockroach infestations?

Our team of experienced exterminators work on a four-stage process as part of our cockroach pest control services for the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle. We will first inspect your property, then devise a treatment plan, next we treat the problem using a variety of methods and the final step is to implement an ongoing preventative plan with tips to ensure you don't get infested again. Regular pest control is essential at least once per year.


We will inspect your property for any signs of the cockroach infestation. We will verify what type of cockroach problem you have and act accordingly.


Treatment plans are the next vital step in our process to ensure we get the results you are looking for, which is to completely remove all traces of cockroaches from your property. The treatment plan includes how long the treatment will take and the expected outcome.


The extermination phase is where we put out plan into action, working to eliminate all live cockroach activity. We use various treatment methods depending on the type of cockroaches you have and the extent of the infestation.


Our ongoing treatment plan and tips are to ensure your property remains cockroach free and that you have a healthy environment to live and work in. It is very important that you follow our ongoing treatment plan to ensure you don't get another infestation.